ZH 1

ZH 1

Most perofrming versatile ventilator in hospital and transport

ZH 1


ZH1 series is a versatile specialist throughout hospital and transport. Comprehensive ventilating modes, including APRV, PRVC, NIV are available for all your demands. With tidal volume from 2-2000 ml, ZH1 series is suitable for all type of patient from neonatal to adult.



A collapsible high resolution touching display makes ZH1 series can be a trolley based performing ventilation in ICU, as well as a high performance ventilator throughout hospital and transport. One hand operative expiration valve disassembling brings sterilizing with more ease and efficiency.



As your versatile assistant, ZH1 series get configured with O2 therapy, P-V tool, a lung titrating gold standard, etc. Advanced features, which can maximize your confidence in all critical moment.

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